Reed Diffuser ease of use

Product Code: 6417

Sticky room fragrance

The most natural odor diffusion, the slow circulating of the odor in the breeze, is a very different .

fragrance needs to be used correctly,

 The right method is also easy.

If the fragrance is in the bottle, it is impossible to use it correctly.

the smell will be in the spare can, that's what we did on the first day,

whoever has a bottle should not pay for a bottle again.

And most importantly, it should be possible to use the scent correctly.

Empty a small amount of the spare fragrance you purchased into the bottle (if the bottle is 100 ml, pour 10-20 ml)

Leave the sticks in the bottle, our sticks are in suitable sizes according to the 25 cm bottle we use.

Cellulosic rattan absorbs the essence immediately, turn the sticks after 10 seconds,

The rattan, which absorbs the odor, spreads the essence to the environment during the drying phase.

Do the same process again on the well-dried sticks.

briefly put a little essence into the bottle and turn the dried sticks upside down.

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